Uddenskulptur 2017 'Nordiskt möte' july 01 - september 30 2017

This year is the seventh year in a row that we are having an international sculpture exhibition on Udden, the former quarry in Hunnebostrand.
New for this year are three impressive stone sculptures of large scale. With these installations the artists almost reached the fysical limits of stonesculpture. And we continue our concept Art up against the walls! using the spectacular stone wall that is visible from far out at sea, famous for its magical beauty.
Uddenskulptur is a totally unique exhibition venue for sculptures. A vertical granite wall 40 meters high, a magnificent meadow where the quarry used to be, and the endless sea that offered transportation to countries far away. Here the mountain meets the sea, a location of superb beauty.

The organisation consist of
Pål Svensson -artistic leader and press contact-
Hans Leutscher -project leader-
Kulturhuset Hav&Land, Hunnebostrand -administration and main office-.

Uddenskulptur 2017 'Nordiskt möte' in media


How to find us

The exhibition takes place in a former quarry known as 'Udden'

Norra kajen Hunnebostrand, Sweden.

Udden, Hunnebostrand, Sweden.