Henjasaj N Koda
Stefan Sprenker
Märta Anderdott
Louise Plant
Birgitta Silfverhielm
Hubert Maier
Bård Breivik
Claes Haake
Birgitta Silfverhielm
Mia Fkih Mabrouk
Åsa Herrgård
Søren Schaarup
Ann Carlsson Korneev
Laila Westergaard
Jens Chr. Jensen
Bo Karberg
Ulf Johnsson
lars Widenfalk
Hiroshi Koyama
Hiroshi Koyama
Hiroshi Koyama
Agneta Stening

UDDENSKULPTUR 2015 'Jubileum' june 13 - september 30 2015

For the fifth year in a row a stone sculpture exhibition takes place in the former stone quarry of Udden, Hunnebostrand, Sweden. Grand opening on the sixth of June 2014. Invitation The theme of the exhibition this year is 5 years of of 200 years sculpture exhibitions on Udden in Hunnebostrand. Twenty artists from five different countries participate, 13 sculptures are made here in Bohuslän, in the Artists Collective Workshop in Skärholmen or in stonequarries in Hallinden, Tossene and Evja

The organisation consist of Pål Svensson, artistic leader and press contact, Hans Leutscher, artistic and project leader, Kulturhuset Hav och Land, Hunnebostrand (administration) and Sotenäs Kommun, the head of the exhibition.

Curators made a selection the works and the catalogue can be obtained for free.



How to find us

The exhibition takes place in a former quarry known as 'Udden'

Norra kajen Hunnebostrand, Sweden.

Udden, Hunnebostrand, Sweden.