Ann Carlsson Korneev
Laila Westergaard
Jørn Rønnau
Jens Chr. Jensen
Dina Hviid
Bo Karberg
Peder Istad
Marit Lyckander
Kristin Wexelsen Goksøyr
Kristin Wexelsen Goksøyr
Julia Vance
Hilde Rodahl
Hagbart Solløs
Charles Michalsen
Ulf Johnsson
Uddenskulptur 2013
Pontus Ersbacken
lars Widenfalk
Hiroshi Koyama
Hiroshi Koyama
Hiroshi Koyama
Hannah Streefkerk
Greger Ståhlgren
Agneta Stening

UDDENSKULPTUR 2014 '200 YEARS PEACE' june 6 - september 30 2014

For the fourth year in a row a stone sculpture exhibition takes place in the former stone quarry of Udden, Hunnebostrand, Sweden. Grand opening on the sixth of June 2014. Invitation The theme of the exhibition this year is the celebration of 200 years of peace in Scandinavia (between the three nordic countries Danmark, Norway and Sweden).


The organisation consist of Pål Svensson, artistic leader and press contact, Hans Leutscher, artistic and project leader, Kulturhuset Hav och Land, Hunnebostrand (administration) and Sotenäs Kommun, the head of the exhibition.

A group of curators, one from each country, selected the works. There will be a catalogue.



How to find us

The exhibition takes place in a former quarry known as 'Udden'

Norra kajen Hunnebostrand, Sweden.

Udden, Hunnebostrand, Sweden.